The legend
is finally here.

Incredible Hit Button

– one button bla bla bla processor –

  • THAT SOUND an expertly designed mix bus chain to make you smile
  • LOW LATENCY built for writing, producing and recording sessions

  • MAXIMIZE true peak limiter with lots of headroom and less distortion

  • NO DONGLES authorize online or offline on up to 3 devices

  • EASY three controls to focus on creativity and running your session

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The Legend

My ears are done. Is this any good? Does this sound like a record?

It’s not just you! We’ve all been there. And those who came before us, generations upon generations of engineers and producers, have been there, too. Legend has it that even the big boys wished for some magical device that just makes things sound finished. A kind of hit button. Something to make you smile.

We made it our mission to make this dream a reality.
Finally we can all have the Incredible Hit Button!

Laptop Producers At Heart

We feel you. Running a session is demanding, fast and intuitive.
Just like the Incredible Hit Button!

You won’t need hours to learn what it does. In fact, slap it on there and go get it the very second you open it. All you need to know is decide how hard you want to go.

Have A Listen

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

We can praise our work all we want. Yes we are f**king proud of this thing. But how about you trust the pros who are already using it? For over a year it has been a secret weapon to them. Here is a playlist of tracks that were released using the Incredible Hit Button!

“The Hit Button is brilliant. It replaced 5 plugins and I have released tons of music since starting
the beta program. Well done!’’

Brian Cook

“Wow, you can really push this thing. Apart from putting a smile on everybody’s face with it’s GUI,
I finally found the limiter to use on my production sessions and beyond.”


“I have been using this for over a year now and I still don’t know exactly what it does. The only
thing I really know is that I can’t really go without it. Congrats, Incredible

Timothy Auld, Your Content Goes Here

More Headroom

Love your 808s? The thump of your kicks? The snap of your snares? Your fans, too! Creativity should not have a ceiling. Even when levels get hot, the Hit Button allows you to push hard and still sound as big and punchy as with any modern limiter out there. For a fraction of the price. And with almost no plugin latency!

I Can’t Record Like This

If your signal chain has too much latency, performing and recording music will become a pain. We have made sure that you can use the Hit Button on your master bus and NOT worry about latency. Like … at all. If you’re done and printing mixes you can use the High Quality mode to give it some extra juice.

Sh*t – My Dongle!

Our plugin will always be by your side. No dongles needed. Don’t worry if you’re going mobile, heading off to another studio or the session is at yours … you will always be up and running. Authorize the Incredible Hit Button on up to three devices. Online or offline. Easy as 1, 2, 3 …

One Fair Price

Paying full price for a plugin on release just to see it go on sale for 50% off a few weeks later hurts. And to us this sends the wrong message. Those who believe and support in the early days should be rewarded. Not the people picking it up later down the line. We commit to one fair price. Forever.

System Requirements

Operating System
MacOS 10.14 and above.
Plugin formats
VST3, AU, AAX Native.
Tested DAWs
Pro Tools 2021, Logic Pro X, Cubase 12, Ableton Live 11, FL Studio 20
Operating System
Windows 10, version 2004 and above.
Plugin formats
VST3, AAX Native.
Tested DAWs
Pro Tools 2021, Cubase 12, Ableton Live 11, FL Studio 20

See user manual for more information.

Get 14 Day Trial