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Can I install the plugin on multiple machines?2021-11-12T10:03:23+01:00

If you purchased a license you can activate the software on up to three (3) devices. A trial license only allows activation on one (1) device.
Should you need multiple licenses for your institution or company, please contact us via our support form below.

Can I request a trial for the same software twice?2021-11-12T09:44:54+01:00

If you’ve already had a demo license for a plug-in, it is not possible to request another demo license.

However, if you catch our support team in a good mood, you might be able to get an extended demo (asking politely generally helps…).

Do I need a dongle (e.g. iLok) to use your plugins?2021-11-11T21:10:05+01:00

Nope. Our software does not currently need any kind of dongle to run. We have programmed our own licensing system to make things a breeze. Quite nice, huh?

I want to try out a plugin. Where are the demos, though?2021-11-11T21:10:54+01:00

You can submit a trial request via the individual product page. To speed things up, request a Incredible Hit Button™ trial here.


How do I install Incredible Audio software?2021-11-11T21:08:03+01:00

Upon registering for the trial or purchasing the product you will receive an email with download and activation instructions. First, go to Downloads and download the most recent installer for your OS. To activate, open the plug-in within your DAW and enter your email address, password and license serial number. Now you are good to go.

There is a software update for my order, how do I download it?2021-11-11T21:09:20+01:00

Please go to the Downloads page to check for and download any new releases.

Where are the downloads?2021-11-11T21:08:37+01:00

You can find all the product downloads here.


Can I purchase multiple licenses?2021-11-12T09:36:29+01:00

Sure! Please contact us through our support form below and we will get back to you immediately.

Do you offer educational discounts?2021-11-11T20:23:13+01:00

We are currently not offering academic discounts. We aim to price our products to enable anyone to buy them at a steady price. Thanks for understanding.

How can I purchase your product?2021-11-11T20:22:37+01:00

Please go to the product page on our website site where you will find buttons to initiate a purchase. Click here for the Incredible Hit Button™.

How is the product delivered?2021-11-11T20:22:58+01:00

You are purchasing a plugin license. This license serial number along with instructions on how to download, install and activate the software will be provided via email.

I can’t complete checkout. What to do?2021-11-12T09:39:30+01:00

Please contact us through our support form below and we will get back to you immediately.

I lost my order email, how can I access it again?2021-11-11T20:25:00+01:00

Please contact our digital reseller Digital River.

I want a refund!2021-11-11T20:58:29+01:00

As you do have the chance to download the trial and test the fully functional plugin for 14 days before purchasing, we generally do not offer a refund for your purchase.

If you have a special case, please contact our digital reseller Digital River. If you’re located in the European Union and want to exercise your legal right to withdraw from your purchase within 14 days, please follow the link provided in your payment confirmation email.

Where are my past orders?2021-11-11T20:25:52+01:00

Please contact our digital reseller Digital River who is handling orders for us.

Unable to find a solution to your problem? Please use our support system below.

The currently installed version is displayed in the help menu within the plugin (i.e. v1.0.0).

Maximum size: 1MB.
Allowed file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx.

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